Rediscovering Balance on a jog through Bahía

Every morning I leave the house on foot at 6:30 AM to explore Bahía. There’s dozens of long dirt roads leading to nowhere, beach access points, and unmarked trails through the jungle. It’s kind of a thrill. Thrill aside, running is how I find balance. Not only does a 3-mile run balance out the factContinue reading “Rediscovering Balance on a jog through Bahía”

Reconnecting at Rancho Cielo Alto

Yesterday, Brigid took me out to dinner for my 34th birthday. The whole thing was hyped up because the restaurant itself—a place called Casa Cielo Alto—was, according to the Google listing “RESERVATION ONLY”. When Brigid went to make the reservation 3 months ago, the soonest available opening fell on my birthday weekend. To heighten everything,Continue reading “Reconnecting at Rancho Cielo Alto”

Following the Trail of Names Through Costa Rica

If you travel through Costa Rica, a list of the names of locations you pass along the way will invariably tell a story of indigenous culture, Spanish colonization, and the influence of the Catholic Church. Fly into San Jose I am in a surf town called Dominical, but my plane to Costa Rica landed inContinue reading “Following the Trail of Names Through Costa Rica”